what we do

empowering Girls

We believe that the most effective way to scale our impact is to empower local organizations and individuals, who are close to the girls we serve, to deliver our programs.

Currently, we are working with the organization in Zambia (HERZ Zambia) and with individual ambassadors in Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, and Tanzania, to reach girls across Africa and around the world.

School Workshops

Through school workshops, we provide education and counselling services to girls for the maintenance of their optimal sexual and reproductive health. At the end of each education session, girls receive their care packages, which consist of 3 reusable pads, 2 underwears, and educational materials. The education includes gender-violence prevention.

Reusable pad production

We have a production team of dedicated women who use sewing machines to produce menstrual pads and masks that are distributed to the girls.

Essay Competition

As part of our leadership skills program, we hold an essay competition for the girls every year. The competition builds valuable story-telling and writing skills while allowing the girls to  process their traumatic experiences with menstruation.

The Frisbee Challenge

Frisbee competitions among the girls provide them with an after-school or weekend fun activity while teaching teamwork and building their confidence. The coaching sessions are infused with health education content.

Scholarship Program

The scholarship program provides a means for girls demonstrating academic excellence and potential for leadership to pursue higher education or workshops that move them closer to achieving their aspirations.

Ambassador & Leadership

After receiving leadership training and mentoring, ambassadors are individual girls who work with their communities to mitigate a problem that impacts girls. Our ambassadors have worked on issues surrounding menstrual health hygiene management in Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Zambia.

Symposium Starting at 12 Noon (ET). Please use this link to join:

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