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Volunteer To Empower Girls

Whether you are a recent graduate seeking to gain experience in the global health sector or a seasoned professional desiring to give back, a project or administrative volunteer role at HERZ Movement will offer you a fulfilling experience in contributing to the growth of a young organization that is changing the lives of girls in Africa.

Administrative Roles

Meeting Management

In this role, you will work with the meeting management team responsible for ensuring effective planning and execution of leadership meetings. This entails working with the meeting chair and secretary to ensure that all documents for meetings are created and circulated to meeting participants timely, and that minutes of the meeting are captured and filed appropriately. You will also be responsible for coordinating with the project team to ensure that action items from meetings are directed to appropriate officers and implemented in a timely way.

Project Management

As a volunteer in this role, you will be responsible for keeping the growth of HERZ Movement towards its projected milestones on-track. You will be assigned to a specific workgroup and your responsibilities will include organizing meetings for the workgroup, developing work plans and content, keeping track of project actions and ensuring the success of the workgroup.

Financial Management

You will be part of the team responsible developing and maintaining a financial management system. This entails revising and keeping our financial management policy up-to-date, managing accounting processes, and developing reports, including filling regulatory-required and grant-compliance reports.

Business Development Roles


You will work with the marketing team to explore and identify new ways to increase brand loyalty and enlist constituents who can be converted to donors. Opportunities range from webmasters who maintain the website to graphic designers that elevate the visual appeal of our brand, marketing experts that design and implement strategies for engaging the public and social media engagement professionals who enlist new robust customer-relationship management capabilities.


You will work with a team that persuades members of the public to invest in our mission. We invite you to contribute to the various teams, including the team designing signature events and engaging local communities, colleges and schools in fundraising, and the team engaging high-end donors in planned giving and large donations.

Corporate Philanthropy

By joining this team, you will be responsible for exploring opportunities to partner with business in executing joint fundraising activities that produce a win-win outcome for both HERZ Movement and the corporate entity.


Menstruation continues to set girls back from achieving socio-economic freedom. It traps them in shame and the cycle of poverty, without a voice to advocate for the needs. Your investment will help rescue the girls from the stronghold of shame and put them on the path to leadership and self-sufficiency. We know that when a woman is economically productive in Low-income countries, her family succeeds. Your investment will help families succeed. 90 cents of every dollar donated is spent in Africa, on projects that benefit the girls.

Essay Silent Auction

We invite you to bid on an essay, as an individual or as a group. The girls we serve have shared their stories and you have the opportunity to read all the stories and bid on the story that resonates with you the most. When you win the bid, we shall send you a wet hand-written copy of the essay.

Capital Campaign

Primarily, we deliver our mission by producing reusable menstrual pads that are distributed to girls at no cost to them. Currently, we have 3 sewing machines that our volunteer tailors use to produce the pads. The production of pads would be more efficient and secure if we moved them from the homes of our volunteers to a central workshop. Thus, we are fundraising for $350,000 to build a production workshop and to stock it with at least 10 sewing machines. Your investment into the lives of the girls will help us break ground by March 2022.
Sewing volunteers


Symposium Starting at 12 Noon (ET). Please use this link to join:

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