Periods remain a blessing and a hinderance for females

February 23, 2022
by Ipuskilo 2

As much as periods remain a blessing to females I still have unforgettable moments of hurt with them. Not very long ago, most precisely six months back, I was called upon by my school to present my JETS (Science) project. 

An hour before I could make my way up I was caught red with no idea of what was happening, “My periods had started.” With no pads in my bag I was left with only uncontrollable stomach pains and nausea. 

This saddening moment left me with no option but to excuse myself from the event and up to now my projects are unpresented. 

As much as menstruation is painful, my sister, CK, inspires me to endure it with courage and happiness considering how clean and happy she is during her cycle. 

Author: Ipuskilo 2, Zambia

(Bid as "Ipuskilo")

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