Mensuration destructs speller 

February 23, 2022
by Dorcas

In this essay I will explain how menstruation hindered me from accessing a certain opportunity. Menstruation is the shedding of blood from the uterus through the vagina. 

Last year in grade eight: Mrs. TM inspired me to access an opportunity in the Zambian spelling bee competition and so I qualified. Unfortunately the day of the competition was the day I was menstruating. I did not have money to buy pads so I wore a cloth that day. When the Judges called out my name as the next speller on stage. Everybody was looking at me. I thought that I had stained my skirt, so I felt so uncomfortable that I missed one letter to spell out. And my skirt stained a little and I felt ashamed. I cried all night, so Mrs. TM encouraged me not to lose hope instead achieve more in life. 

Author: Dorcas, Zambia
(Bid as "Dorcas")


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