Menstruation hinders women from accessing certain opportunities

February 23, 2022
by MCM2 (Bid as "MCM2")

Menstruation or period, is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a woman’s monthly cycle. It is a natural and healthy process for girls and women of reproductive age. 

Yes menstruation has hindered me from accessing certain opportunities in that I sometimes refrain from taking certain activities due to menstrual pain. The pain contributes to high rates of school absenteeism and poor educational outcomes. The performance in school is reduced due to lack of studying and poor understanding of work in that week. Due to the effects of menstrual pain (weakness, tiredness, and dizziness), I fail to associate with friends due to mood swings and also fail to attend certain school activities like ball games and athletics. 

It hinders me from certain activities because of some cultural beliefs. We are told not to cook and not to put salt in food because it causes harm to all males taking the food. 

Lack of a better place to dispose sanitary pads in public and in school restricts my movement because heavy flows require frequent changes of sanitary towels. Keeping and moving around with them is unhygienic and unsafe. 

In conclusion, menstruation hinders women from accessing certain opportunities and affects their daily life. 

Author: M.C.M2, Zambia

(Bid as "MCM2")

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