Her Empowerment race zone

A zone where a girl can run her race towards social and economic empowerment, by removing barriers that prevent her from being the guardian of her own life.

A movement for girls that encompasses Mentorship, Volunteerism, Scholarship and Innovation to eradicate period poverty.

2 out of 3 
girls in developing countries skip school during their period

Eliminating the big mark

With your support, we can eliminate the shame of "the big mark" and put girls back on the competitive path to success.

Every month, at least 500 million women across the globe experience "Period Poverty": a lack of access to affordable and hygienic menstrual products, facilities, and education.

The damaging mental health and economic effects of Period Poverty can last a lifetime.

Annie - Zambia

"I am 14 years old and as much as my menstruation remains a blessing to my womanhood, I still have unforgettable moments of trauma with it.

The unforgettable event happened when I was a finalist in a science project competition. An hour before I could make my way up to present my project, I was caught with a red mark behind me with no idea of what was happening.

My menstruation had started.

With no pads in my school bag, I was left with unforgettable stomach pains and nausea. The sudden and helpless nature of the event left me with no option but to excuse myself from the competition, and up to now, my project is unpresented."

change a young woman’s life today
Girls Trained
Girls received pads and accessories
Girls received leadership mentoring
Volunteers engaged
to support girls
Sewing machines purchased to produce reusable menstrual pads
Women engaged to produce menstrual pads
Local organization
in a developing country engaged to implement the project
Speaking events
held to promote
the program
contacT / DONATE

Email: info@herzmovement.org

Symposium Starting at 12 Noon (ET). Please use this link to join:

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